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Aug 30

Taylor Shellfish

Bacon Cranberry Kale Baked Oysters

Posted by Taylor Shellfish

The perfect way to kick start fall is with our family recipe for bacon cranberry kale baked oysters! This recipe feeds up to 6 people and makes for a great appetizer for any meal.  


30 fresh or frozen top off small pacific oysters

10 strips bacon 

1 can cranberry sauce 

1 bunch kale 

1 cup grated manchego chesse for topping 


Cook off your bacon and cut it into 3 even chunks (1pc per oyster). Wilt your kale in a pan and then set aside. Preheat your oven to 400F. Place shucked or frozen top off oysters on a baking tray with rock salt or tin foil to hold them steady. Add a small spoonful of the cranberry sauce, wilted kale, and a peice of bacon to each oyster and then top with a sprinkle of manchego cheese. Bake the oysters for 10mins or until bubbling and browning around the edges of the shell. Serve with tongs as the shells will be hot!